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Pile Driving

14 usd

Discover this amazing Pile Driving App that automatically calculates the height of strokefrom the sound of the pile driver. This easy to use App works similar to a Saximeter which allows the user to keep a real time log of stroke height, blow count, and moving average of stroke height. If you are an engineer, contractor, or inspector, Pile Driving app is a priceless tool needed for pile driving that eliminates any guess work when driving pile.
- Receive instant stroke height based on the sound of the pile hammer
- Easy to read and use single screen that anybody can use without directions
- Calculates moving average of the last 10, 20, 50, 100 or average per foot
- “Mark” button for test pile that will track the number of blows since the last time pushed
- Logs every blow with blow count, stroke height and test pile mark.
- Start and stop times
- Sensitivity bar the user can adjust depending on his or her type of phone.
- iOS version available as well
- Able to save and e-mail data!
*Note Piledriving App is only intended for use with open end diesel hammers.
This app has been tested on multiple devices including Samsung S4 & S5 and works well. If you are experiencing issues while operating please contact me at Feedback is always welcome!